3 Laws Of Nature To Live By To Grow Your Business

For many, starting a lifestyle business can be a struggle. And if you go about it the wrong way, it can sometimes feel like you’re swimming upstream without a paddle. Eventually, this feeling can create resistance and cause you to procrastinate, feel disappointed, and even feel like giving up on your dream of building a business that provides you with more time and more freedom.

If you ever find yourself feeling this way, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of successful business owners out there have faced and overcome this exact same struggle, myself included.

Which is how I know that this feeling of fighting the flow can be easily and effortlessly avoided altogether, when you learn how to leverage 3 simple laws of nature. And when you do, you will find yourself no longer going against the grain. Instead, things just work. No more struggle or resistance – just pure expansive freedom.

Of course, there are many wrong ways to run a business, but the good news is that you can correct most of these errors by living by these laws of nature and understanding that…

Nature wants to see your business grow.

Nature wants you to be successful, but it has nothing to do with you personally. The truth is, nature simply wants to see everything in the universe grow and thrive. And if you live your life and run your business according to the laws of nature, it will grow and you will succeed. Period.

And in order to embrace this new way of living and operating your business means being able to accept the first law of nature, which is to be able to …

1) Adapt To Change

Simply put, nature is change. Those who adapt to its changes thrive and those who do not are left behind. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

Adapting to change means being on the leading edge of what is happening in the market you operate in and being aware of the trends happening now. You become aware of the trends, only so you can take advantage of them when possible.

In order to do this you may need to shift your perspective. Try to think about market and social trends as obvious signs, which show you that there is something out there that people want and that nature needs someone to give it to them. It’s your job to be that person.

However, being able to adapt to change also means being able to roll with the punches and get back up after each unsuccessful venture. Which means accepting that failure is just a telltale sign that what you were doing before wasn’t in harmony with the laws of nature. And therefore you are saving yourself a lot of struggle down the road by adapting to a new way of doing things now.

Take every change that comes your way as a new opportunity to practice the second law of nature, which is to…

2) Always Add Value

The second law of nature to live by is to always add value. Nature has designed all of life to add value in one way or another. Plants create oxygen. People create carbon dioxide. Simply by existing, one adds value to the other.

So, if you want your business to succeed and be lifelike, it needs to do the same. And if you are in competition with another business that is providing a similar service or product as you, take the opportunity to differentiate yourself by adding more value. This means asking your customers what they want, so you can give it to them more effectively.

You must recognize that your customers are paying you because you add value to their lives. If you think that you are not being paid enough, it is only because you are either not adding enough value to the lives of your customers. Or you don’t show them how valuable what you have really is. Simple as that.

When you accept this simple truth you never have to worry about selling again. This is because selling is an exchange of energy. And when you are consciously adding value to the lives of others, you are giving them your energy and they are returning energy to you in the form of money. This is good, just and fair.

Furthermore, if you continue to add more value, to more people’s lives, more often – you will continue to make more money. And the more you scale this interaction, the more exponentially your business will grow.

Which leads us to the third law of nature to live by…

3) Be Expansive

The best way to grow your business is to always be expanding. Just like trees expand their branches to gather more sunlight, your business needs to always be expanding its branches to grow more exposure to potential prospects.

Of course, the best way to always be expanding is to continually create more value in the form of content. This is because the more content you make, the more people see your business and the more customers you will get. Blog posts, videos, ebooks, and audios are greats ways to create content which helps your business expand.

Something to keep in mind when making this content is that often times how expansive your business is, has a lot to do with how much value you are providing, and how many people you are providing it to. This is important to understand, because being expansive and creating content that adds value to the lives of others in a way that you get paid for it is the key to experiencing the lifestyle freedom you desire.

Eventually, when you have expanded enough, your business will be able to passively provide so much value to so many people, that it can never shut down.

By always expanding you are modeling the universe, because the universe itself is always expanding. And it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. So, why should your business?

Remember, nature favors those who adapt to its changes. People love and feel good about those who provide them value. And if you are always expanding, then you are always creating more life and opportunity for your lifestyle business.

Which means that…

As long as you live by these 3 laws of nature, your success is inevitable.

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